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Saunas improve health. Saunas improve homes.

And, as more and more people realize these facts, Maritime-based sauna-maker White Cedar Saunas will continue to reap the rewards. The Jemseg, N.B., company has been making saunas for homes and businesses since 1999 and business has grown each year.

Whether you are homeowners, homebuilders, renovators, spas or health clubs, our customers have been drawn to us for two basic reasons,first, a sauna has tremendous health benefits. Second, a sauna is an inexpensive way to add both quality and value to your home."

As baby boomers age, they're investing more in their homes. Spending on Canadian home renovations was up 7.2 per cent last year, as people decided it made more sense to put cash into hard assets than into a volatile stock market.

White Cedar benefits from the trend: A sauna is a surprisingly easy and inexpensive way to add value to a home or business. Made with attractive, premium Eastern White Cedar, White Cedar Saunas are easy to install and to operate. Once a luxury item, saunas can easily be bought for $4, 000 or less. Electricity costs can be less than one dollar a day. And homeowners installing saunas in the past have actually seen their home's value appreciate more than the cost of the sauna. For business owners working in the highly competitive spa and health club industry, a spa can be an easy way to keep pace - or charge ahead - of the competition.

We combine the health benefits of natural medicine with the beauty and sophistication of elegant white cedar, plus we add significant value to your home. It's a growth industry, no doubt about that.

White Cedar Saunas are built by Grand Lake Industries. A success story in the millworks industry, Grand Lake has built a successful business through the manufacturing of finished wood products. It is located at 33 Reardon Road in Jemseg.